Music. Otherwise known as the reason why we do what we do.

It has the power to set the tone of your wedding and turn it from an event into an epic party, so we take it incredibly seriously.

A Mercury Entertainment Group wedding sounds like a seamless, natural changeover between tracks and a mixing style that smoothly eases you into the next song, only without any awkward radio silence. The strength of our DJ’s in their rhythmic and melodic abilities shines through in their transitions that not only compliment the connecting songs but match them in beat and rhythm, making you feel like they were destined to be played after one another.

We understand that timing is everything when it comes to music and want you to be able to recognise each song immediately and listen to it properly, meaning no quick radio cut offs and unnecessary remixing. Just great music that speaks and plays for itself.

If you are looking for a playlist that is categorised by musical decade, genre or another category, we have several Mercury Entertainment Group curated playlists available for you to listen to on our website for inspiration or a guide on how you can pinpoint your wedding soundtrack. Should you be more interested in a more eclectic selection of songs without a certain style attached to it we are geared up to truly personalise your playlist, so that it encompasses your wide music tastes with heart and enthusiasm.

It isn’t always easy to decide or predict when the special “moments” will happen in your event or how each guest will respond to the music. After all, each wedding differs. However you’ve got us: an experienced, savvy group of DJ’s that have seen and worked on more weddings than we can count. And it is through working in this industry for so long that we have gained a vast knowledge of what each type of playlist can achieve, how people tend to respond to certain music and most importantly what we can do on the night to adapt to you and your guests…

Reading the room as we like to call it!

In your consultation with us, we will discuss everything sound and vibe related about the event and invite you to be as specific or as vague as you want to be. Because first and foremost this is about you as a couple and how you truly want your celebration to feel and sound.

We are dedicated to giving you the perfect playlist that you can dance, smile and feel all the feelings to and want you to be confident with your decision to collaborate with us.

Check out our Spotify playlists for a look into our music curating as well as our mixes below from previous weddings to give you a sense of our DJ style.

Like what you hear? Get in touch today with our team to chat about all things music!


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