Wedding FAQ’s

Can you have input in the music selection for our event?

You most definitely can, during your consultation 4 weeks before your Wedding your DJ will go through all your music requirements with you including key songs like entry, first dance, requests, do not play’s and much more.

How early should we book your DJ services for our wedding?

We recommend booking our services as soon as you are ready.  To give you an idea, most of our couples will book 9-12 months in advance, some even 18+ months.  Unfortunately if you leave it to the last minute, you may miss out due to our demand and limited capacity.

What is included in your Wedding DJ package?

Our Wedding DJ package includes Consultation with your DJ, Personalised music curation, Wedding day run sheet planning, Award winning DJ for reception (5 hours), State of the art Pioneer DJ Equipment, QSC club quality high end speakers, Wireless microphone, World class Wedding lighting, Trestle table, Black fitted linen tablecloth, Setup and Pack down. See our package inclusions here

Do you provide backup equipment in case of any technical issues during the event?

Yes, we always carry backup equipment to ensure uninterrupted music and minimize the chances of technical difficulties.

Can we request songs that are not in your music library?

Absolutely! We strive to accommodate all song requests and can source specific songs if they are not already in our extensive music library.

Can you help with coordinating the timeline and announcements during the wedding reception?

Yes, If you add our MC Package this will cover coordinating the timeline and announcements during the reception.

Are you familiar with the venue where our wedding will take place?

We have worked at numerous venues, but if we haven’t performed at your specific venue before, we will conduct thorough research to familiarize ourselves with its layout and requirements.

Can you provide music for our ceremony as well?

Absolutely! We offer ceremony music services, including microphone and sound system setup, to ensure that your vows and other important moments are heard clearly by all attendees.

Do you require a deposit to secure our booking?

Yes, we require a deposit to secure the date and DJ for your wedding. The deposit amount and payment details will be discussed during the booking process.

What happens if the DJ becomes unavailable on our wedding day?

In the unlikely event of unforeseen circumstances, we have backup DJs available who are equally skilled and experienced in our process to ensure that your wedding day goes exactly how it was planned to.

What types of entertainment services do you offer for weddings?

We offer DJ, MC, Saxophone, Violin, Photo booth, dry ice effects and indoor sparklers to elevate your wedding celebration.

Do you offer a package that includes both a DJ and live saxophone player?

Yes, we have packages available that combine the skills of our talented DJs with the sounds of a live saxophone player for an incredible musical experience.

Can you provide references or testimonials from previous wedding clients?

Absolutely! We have numerous positive reviews and testimonials from our satisfied wedding clients that we’d be happy to share with you here

Can I meet with the DJ before my wedding to discuss specific details?

Yes, our wedding package includes a consultation with your DJ to discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific details you’d like to cover. 

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we have liability insurance coverage, providing peace of mind for you and your venue.

Are there any additional fees or hidden costs?

We are transparent about our pricing, and there are no hidden costs. Any additional fees, if applicable, will be clearly discussed and agreed upon upfront.

Can we provide a "do-not-play" list for songs we don't want to be played at our wedding?

Absolutely! We encourage you to provide a “do-not-play” list to ensure that the music played aligns perfectly with your preferences.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my wedding? What is your policy?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. Our cancellation and rescheduling policies will be outlined in our agreement, which we can discuss with you to ensure a fair and flexible approach.


1. What is the Dry Ice effect?

The Dry Ice effect involves creating a stunning low-lying fog that adds an enchanting and dreamy ambiance to your event, perfect for your first dance or special moments.

2. Are Dry Ice and Indoor Sparklers safe?

Yes, both Dry Ice and Indoor Sparklers are safe when handled by our trained professionals, ensuring a seamless and secure experience.

3. Can I use Dry Ice and Indoor Sparklers indoors?

Absolutely, both effects are designed for indoor use, adding an extra layer of excitement and magic to your event.

4. Will the Dry Ice set off fire alarms?

No, the Dry Ice we use is specifically formulated to create fog without triggering fire alarms or leaving behind any residue.

5. Can I customize the timing for the Dry Ice effect?

Of course, we'll work closely with you to coordinate the perfect moments for the Dry Ice effect, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your event's schedule.

6. What's the duration of the Dry Ice effect?

The duration can vary based on the setup and quantity, but on average, the effect can last for 3-4 minutes per application.

7. Do Indoor Sparklers emit smoke or residue?

No, our Indoor Sparklers are designed to not emit any smoke, ensuring a clean and clear atmospher

8. Can I use Indoor Sparklers in any venue?

Most venues allow Indoor Sparklers, but it's important to check with your venue regarding any restrictions or guidelines they may have.

9. Can I use both Dry Ice and Indoor Sparklers together?

Absolutely, using both effects can create a stunning contrast of fog and sparkles, making your moments even more magical.

10. Is the setup for Dry Ice and Indoor Sparklers complex?

Our professional team handles all the setup and operation, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you and your guests.

11. Are there any specific venue requirements for using Dry Ice and Indoor Sparklers?

While most venues accommodate these effects, it's important to consult with your venue to ensure they align with their policies and guidelines. Having the AC turned off while we use the Dry Ice is required for the fog to stay ‘low-lying’

12. Can I include Dry Ice and Indoor Sparklers in my photography and videography?

Absolutely, these effects create visually stunning moments that will be beautifully captured by photographers and videographers.

13. How do I get started and book the Dry Ice and Indoor Sparklers service?

It's as simple as reaching out to us through our contact form below.. We'll discuss your event's details, answer any questions, and guide you through the booking process to ensure a magical experience for your special day.


1. What is a Mirror Photo Booth?

The Mirror Photo Booth is a unique, interactive, and full-length mirror that captures photos. It combines a traditional photo booth with a sleek mirror display, adding an element of fun and entertainment to your event.

2. How does the Mirror Photo Booth work?

Guests approach the mirror, interact with on-screen animations and prompts, strike a pose, and then touch the screen or use a hand gesture to take a photo. They can customize their photos and instantly receive high-quality prints.

3. What types of events are suitable for the Mirror Photo Booth?

The Mirror Photo Booth is perfect for a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate parties, birthdays and any celebration where you want to add an element of entertainment and capture memories.

4. Can I customize the photo prints with our event's theme or branding?

Absolutely! You can personalize the photo prints with various design options, including themes, colors, and text to match your event's style.

5. Are props provided with the Mirror Photo Booth?

Yes, we provide a selection of fun props and accessories to enhance your photos and encourage creativity.

6. Is there an attendant with the Mirror Photo Booth?

Yes, a friendly booth attendant will be present to assist your guests, ensure the smooth operation of the booth, and help with any questions.

7. Are the photos only available as prints, or can we get digital copies as well?

You get the best of both worlds. You'll receive instant prints on-site, and a digital gallery will be accessible where you can view, download, and share all event photos online.


8. How long does it take to set up the Mirror Photo Booth?

Our team typically arrives well in advance to set up the booth, and it usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the event's specifics.

9. Can the Mirror Photo Booth be used outdoors?

While the Mirror Photo Booth is designed primarily for indoor use, we can set it up outdoors if there is adequate protection from weather conditions.

10. Is the Mirror Photo Booth safe to use?

Yes, the Mirror Photo Booth is completely safe to use. Our equipment is regularly maintained and operated by trained professionals to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for your guests.


What is the duration of the online beginner DJ course?

As the course is online you can work at your own pace, some parts you will complete very quickly, other parts like beat mixing are designed for you to repeat over and over to perfect your craft.

Do I need any prior experience or knowledge in DJing to enrol in this course?

No prior experience or knowledge in DJing is required for this course. It is designed specifically for beginners who are eager to learn and explore the world of DJing.

What equipment do I need to participate in the online beginner DJ course?

To participate in the online beginner DJ course, you will need either a laptop with music or even just a USB and a basic DJ controller. A set of headphones and speakers are also recommended for practice and monitoring.  (we can also lend you a DJ controller if you do not have one)  Send us an email at to enquire about hiring a controller.

Can I use any DJ software or hardware for this course, or is there a specific recommendation?

While you can use various DJ software and hardware, we recommend starting with a widely used and beginner-friendly DJ software like Pioneer's rekordbox. This software options provide a user-friendly interface and offer a range of features suitable for beginners.

Will I learn both the technical and creative aspects of DJing in this course?

Yes, the online beginner DJ course covers both the technical and creative aspects of DJing. You will learn essential skills such as beatmatching, mixing techniques, song selection, and creating seamless transitions. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of music theory, phrasing, and how to develop your unique DJ style.

How will the online beginner DJ course be structured? Will it include video lessons or practical assignments?

The online beginner DJ course is structured as a series of video lessons, at the end of the lessons we encourage you to record your mix and send it to us for assessment.  This can also lead to further lessons if required or even employment opportunities within our successful DJ company. Video lessons will guide you through the fundamental concepts and techniques, while practical assignments will allow you to apply what you've learned..

Can I access the course materials and lessons at any time, or are there specific time restrictions?

The course materials and lessons are always accessible to you once you have purchased the course. You can learn at your own pace and revisit the content whenever needed. This flexibility allows you to fit the course around your schedule.

Are there any additional resources or materials provided to support my learning during the course?

Additional resources and materials may be provided to enhance your learning experience. These may include supplemental reading materials, recommended DJ sets and performances to watch, and curated playlists to help you explore different genres and styles.

What kind of support will I receive if I face any difficulties or have questions during the online beginner DJ course?

Comprehensive support is available via email  throughout the online beginner DJ course. Our instructors of the DJ course will be available to answer any questions you may have or address any difficulties you encounter.


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