Music. Otherwise known as the reason why we do what we do.

When it comes to creating an unforgettable wedding reception, music plays a vital role. A great Wedding DJ will set the mood, evoke emotions, and get everyone on the dance floor. But how do we collaborate with our couple on their perfect wedding playlist?

In this blog, we’ll explore the 5 steps to curating a remarkable wedding playlist that ensures a memorable celebration. A great playlist is useless without a great DJ.

We are dedicated to giving you the perfect Wedding DJ playlist that you can dance, smile and feel all the feelings to and want you to be confident with your decision to collaborate with us.

1. Our approach

Before diving into song selections, it’s crucial to have a conversation with the couple. Learn about their musical preferences, their love story, and any specific genres or artists they adore. This consultation will help you align your playlist with your Wedding DJ, creating a personalized and unique experience.

    2. Not everyone will love every song

    This is an obvious one, but something we as Wedding DJ’s always need to consider.  A good DJ will make sure to play the right song at the right time.  For example; if it’s early in the night and all the aunties are going off to Bee Gees on the dance floor – hitting them with ABBA next, rather than Drake is probably a good idea, this doesn’t mean no Drake at all, but at this moment, ABBA is most likely the vibe you will need.

    3. Don’t just pick songs only you and your partner like listening to in the car

    The dance floor is for everyone. As a DJ, you need to make sure you read the room, this will mean playing songs most people are familiar with. If I play a song only 2 people have heard (even if it is a great track), it will really make it hard for all the other guests to get into it.  Couples sometimes get scared of overplayed songs, but they are over played for a reason, they usually get most people dancing.  (there is a caveat to this) You are welcome to have a ‘DO NOT PLAY’ list, in fact we encourage you to have one,  but if you are open to songs then leave it to the DJ to make the call. At the end of the day, if your DJ plays a song you don’t love but your dance floor is going off, you will be happy they did.

    4. Mix up the genres

    Being open to different genres (while keeping within the realm of appropriate wedding music)  A great  Wedding DJ will only ever play what’s needed in that moment,  Sometimes it just means 2-3 songs from a specific genre to make sure the night moves and flows the way it should.

    5. Always treat your music playlist as a guide.

    This means, let the music list be flexible, allow the DJ to play as many or as little off the list as they see fit,  The DJ only wants the best for your Wedding and dance floor.  This is key in making sure the night runs smoothly.  If ,for example you have a must play list with 100 songs on it, you are removing the whole reason why you booked a DJ in the first place.  Here is another example, let’s say you love RnB music, you have 20 RnB songs on your list that you want to play.  Now fast forward to your wedding night, the dance floor is going off for the first 5-10 RnB songs, now the crowd starts to fade away, this is where it can make or break the night, does the DJ play the other 10 RnB songs on your list, risking killing the dance floor? or do they move with the crowd, changing up the vibe of the music to suit the dance floor and keep the crowd dancing? I know which one I would want…

    Curating the perfect wedding playlist requires a blend of artistry, adaptability, and understanding of the couple’s vision. By considering their preferences, incorporating a mix of genres, and balancing the energy throughout the night, We can create a memorable experience that leaves everyone with smiles on their faces and memories to cherish. So, let the music play, and let the celebration begin!

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